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Benjamin Thomas Solomon, Principal Consultant & Speaker


[1]    Unsystematic Risk: Rethinking Finance.

QuantumRisk LLC, 2016

[2]  Reengineering Strategies and Tactics: Know Your Company's and Your Competitors' Strategies and Tactics Using Public Information,

Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, 2nd Edition, July 2014

[3] Articles


Brief Bio (1999-2019):

[1]    Invented a new class of business solutions, Asymmetric Information Resolution (AIR) models, to infer private information from public data.

[2]    Strategy: Invented the Holistic Business (AIR) Model.

[3]    Valuations: Invented Economic & Funding (E&F) Statements and Financial AIR model.

[4]    Competition: Invented the Competitive AIR model

[5]    Risk: Proved that the Fedís Bank Stress Test is incorrect0

[6]    Risk: Developed the Risk Centerfold for Mortgage Losses.



Contact: ben . t . solomon at out look . com


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