Competitive Dynamiques provides only one service. To sharpen your competitive edge using proprietary strategy, operations and competitive analytical models. There are no alternatives to these models anywhere.

If these are not correct, they will blunt your competitive edge and therefore, we are very selective of whom we take on as clients.

Competitive Dynamiques' proprietary AIR models (Holistic, Competitive & Financial) were developed from decades of excellent work in many different industries and  fields.

Solomon invented the new class of solutions, Aysmmetric Information Resolution (AIR) models. This class of solutions were invented to infer private information from public (and even anecdotal) information.


To achieve this sharpened competitive edge Competitive Dynamiques will review and identify changes to your cash flow management, operational, sales/marketing and business structures to eliminate, as Donald Sull (Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management) puts it, active inertia.